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Frequently Asked Questions

When should we have marriage counselling?

When you recognise that you have problems with your relationship that you cannot seem to resolve by yourselves, you will most likely benefit from counselling.

Should I come by myself, or bring my partner, or can I just send my partner?

All these options are open to you, but please bear in mind that best results are achieved when both partners come willingly to counselling.

How much does it all cost?

When trying to save something as crucial as one’s relationship; one might question the wisdom of shopping around based on price alone. Our fee-for-service reflects the qualifications & years of experience that the Clinician possesses. Unquestionably, this in turn correlates with the Therapist's potency (their capacity to effect positive & long-lasting change). More simply put… the Therapist's ability to help you to achieve the change(s) you seek. Irrespective of session type (or number people in attendance), the same flat-fee is applied to each marriage counselling session; which is payable at the end of each appointment.

Can you extend your marriage counselling services to a more in-depth counselling programme with one of us?

Yes. Analysis WA can provide professional psychotheray services suited to a wide range of circumstances.

I just want to do something! How can I get the ball rolling?

Contact us now via the website and request a call from a Marriage Counselling Perth counsellor.

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