What to expect from marriage counselling

The best results are usually achieved when both partners come willingly to counselling.

Try to be open to the idea of face-to-face meetings with a counsellor both with your relationship partner, and separately from them.

A series of three sessions allows a counsellor to hear, as it were, 'the story from both sides' and to begin to facilitate the discussion between the partners.

Expect to attend relationship counselling sessions with an open mind, and be prepared to both speak and listen to the truth as you and your relationship partner see it.

Try not to approach relationship counselling as an exercise in proving you were right about whatever problem you and your partner are facing. It will take the efforts of the both of you to repair the relationship, so try and develop a sense of shared responsibility.

Expect to feel a sense of relief in bringing your relationship problem into a more open context, and as counselling develops your ability to communicate on the issue, you may also expect to feel a positive sense of renewal.

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