The marriage counselling process

Wondering just what is involved in going through the process of working with a professional marriage counsellor to improve your relationship?

The marriage or relationship counselling process itself is quite simple.

Counselling sessions can be conducted remotely, but at Marriage Counselling Perth, we advocate the benefit of inter-personal discussions in the form of face-to-face meetings in a dedicated and relaxed environment.

For your counsellor to develop the best understanding of what your difficulties are, it is recommended that initially, a series of three sessions be conducted.

One session will be between just you and your counsellor, one session will be between just your partner and your counsellor and one session will be between you as a couple and your counsellor.

Depending on the nature of your difficulty and the outcome of your meetings, you or your partner may benefit from further personal counselling sessions.

Please be prepared to discuss the best options for you and your partner with your counsellor in those important first sessions.

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