Do we need professional help?

Experiencing difficulties in maintaining a positive and caring relationship with another person is very common.

It's also very common for individuals to feel unable to make changes in a relationship from within that relationship. Sometimes, bringing in a non-judgemental, 'third-party' to help assess the problem and suggest solutions can bring renewal to the relationship.

Using the professional services of an experienced marriage counsellor can be beneficial because (unlike the advice or validation of one's own friends and family) a 'neutral observer' is often able to bridge the gap in understanding that may be causing the disruption.

If you have had problems with a relationship and been unable to resolve them, or if you find yourself having the feeling of being trapped in a repetitive cycle of unhappy behaviour, then you may benefit from professional help.

The human mind and our emotions are complex systems. Many of us would happily send our cars for an annual service or for repair with a professional motor mechanic, yet somehow when it comes to servicing or repairing some of the most valuable assets in our lives, our marriages or relationships with those we have loved, many of us find it difficult just to acknowledge that we may need help and to ask for it.

We believe that relationships are important. They define our sense of self in so many ways and are at the core of what helps us function as human beings.

We believe that relationships are worth servicing, or repairing, or renewing and we would like to assure you that if you feel your relationship might need some professional assistance, Marriage Counselling Perth is here to help.

acknowledge that you may need help